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JJ Cromer

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JJ Cromer is a self-taught artist who was born in 1967 in West Virginia. He and his family currently reside on a farm in Pound, Virginia with a flock of geese, chickens, and other animal friends. I have admired his work for a while and was fortunate to purchase a small artwork by JJ at the Outsider Art Fair several years ago.

JJ worked as a librarian for many years, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in history and master’s degrees in both creative writing and library science. His earlier interests were mainly in writing and poetry, and he did not start making art until later in life. 

In 1998, shortly after after he was married, JJ decided he would learn to make artwork to fill up the blank walls of his home. He had also reached a point of frustration with his librarian job, and was eager to try something new. Through trial and error, he developed his unique and obsessively detailed artistic style, and has been making art ever since.

JJ’s work is featured in private and public collections, including the High Museum of Art, The American Visionary Art Museum, Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, and The Taubman Museum of Art.

For more information on JJ, check out jjcromer.com and watch this video interview with a former staff member from Intuit: the Center for Intuitive & Outsider Art!

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